Leafy Justice – GameCraft II

I attended Game Craft II this weekend. GameCraft is a 12-hour game-building competition and it was mighty craic! This time it was hosted by Engine Yard who have a kick-ass office in Dublin. We coded from 9 to 9, then the judges came around to try our games while we sipped on a few cold ones from the office beer-fridge.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the game we completed in the 12-hours. Its written in HTML5 using a neat game engine called melon.js. Click the screen-grab to play!

Leafy Justice - Title Screen


Game credits:

Artist Kevin O’Flaherty
Sound Designer Rory Brady
Developers Matthew O’Flynn (me)
Conor Fennell
Brendan Sheehy
Paul O’Flaherty
Simon Wielens

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